Remy vs. Non - Remy Hair Extensions

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Do you know what Remy Hair is?

The term “Remy Hair” gets thrown around a lot.

Most women don’t know what the term Remy really means and purchase hair that claims to be Remy, but is just as bad as a synthetic mix hair.

If your hair extensions have all the cuticles running in the same direction, then you have true Remy hair!

There are no other true scientific meanings for the term “Remy.” You might hear it used in other instances, but it would be related to marketing or honestly something someone just made up.

Have you ever worn hair extensions that would instantly matte up and tangle? That's the worst right?

When you are working with “Non-Remy” hair extensions, you will have strands of hair that have cuticles going in both directions. This non-consistent direction will quickly cause problems with your hair extensions.

This lack of care usually happens during the process of the collecting or donating of the hair used for the hair extensions. Someone will cut the hair, and it drops to the floor and later collected, then there is a good chance the hair will have cuticles going both up and down. This is also when the collection of single-donor collection is critical.

The hair should be banded before it is cut for hair extensions. This method is the best method of collecting hair. As long as the strands stay in the same position during the shackling and wefting process, then you should have Remy hair extensions once the creation process is complete.

Yes, all the hair extensions found on eBeauty Galore would be considered Remy hair.

This is crucial for us because we supply top stylists and salon owners with hair extensions for their clients. Stylists do not want “cheap” non-remy hair that is going to have issues for their clients.

As a matter of fact, all the hair sold on our site is always 100% human hair.

If you walk into any local beauty supply store, you will see the term “REMY” plastered across nearly every pack of “Human” hair sold. Remy has been used as a marketing term to make consumers believe that the hair sold is somehow better than other “non-Remy” hair.

Non-Remy Hair

Some women may feel that they are saving money by purchasing non-Remy hair, but in reality, they are wasting money.

Non-Remy hair may initially appear soft and silky, but after a few washes, the hair will become extremely tangled, dry, and will not hold a style. The hair seems high-quality because factories will coat the hair with silicone, making the hair feel soft and appear silky and shiny. The silicone is not permanent and washes off when you shampoo it and wears away against your clothing.

The hair might last you about a month, and then it will be time for you to replace the hair. The constant need to repurchase hair every month will become extremely expensive.

Remy hair is NOT virgin hair!

I sometimes see the terms used interchangeably, but they do not mean the same thing. Remy is cuticles that are intact and aligned, hair is thick from root to tips, and tangling should be at a minimum. Non-chemically processed hair is considered virgin. No bleach, no acid baths, and no harsh dyes.

If you have any questions about hair extensions just give us a call, we'd be happy to help!

-eBeauty Galore


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